In this tutorial we are gonna setup a Mastodon social media platform with a few easy steps.

What do we need?

The first steps

Setup your DNS to resolve to your new Debian 10 server. Open up a terminal and login with the 'root' account on your new server with the IP and password you got in your email.

Install Yunohost

Run the following command:

curl | bash

This will automatically install the Yunohost panel on your new server. When it asks for the hostname put in your domain name.

Add your domain

When the process is complete login on the URL given by you and head over to the "Users" tab and add your first user. After that head over to the domain tab and put in your domain name you want to use for your new Mastodon instance. When the domain is added click on it again and go to "SSL Certificates" and request a free "Let's Encrypt" certificate.

Install Mastodon!

You are now all set to install Mastodon on your new secure domain! Go to the "Applications" tab and search for "Mastodon" or "Glithc-soc" depending on the version you want! More info here:

When you have made a choice click on "Install" and wait patient, this can take some time depending on the server. 

Welcome to the Fediverse

When the installation is complete you can open a browser and head over to your new Mastodon instance and login with the credentials giving with the installation process. Welcome to the Fediverse!

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